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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Don't ask for a raise, ladies — just have faith in the system

Businessman Satya Nadella was only appointed Microsoft CEO six months ago, but he's already made headlines for saying some pretty blunt things. He did so again Thursday, when he told women that instead of proactively asking for raises, they should just have "faith that the system will give you the right raise" — while speaking to the female-dominated audience at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computers.

His full remark, per New York magazine:

It's not really about asking for a raise, but about knowing and having faith that the system will give you the right raise.... That might be one of the initial "super powers," that quite frankly, women [who] don't ask for a raise have. It's good karma. It will come back. [New York]

Nadella later tried to walk back the remark on Twitter, saying he'd been "inarticulate." At least you won't have to worry about being misunderstood while you're not asking for your raise, ladies.