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Hey ladies!

The Daily Show has Kristen Schaal explain the GOP's 'winning the lady vote' ad campaign

The 2014 midterm elections will be decided by women, Jon Stewart said on Wednesday night's Daily Show, and Republicans are trying to poach the women's vote from Democrats. To discuss the GOP's high-profile TV and internet outreach campaign, he brought in Senior Women's Issues Correspondent Kristen Schaal. She damns the commercials with her praise.

"Women don't see candidates as potential leaders, we see them as possible soul mates," Schaal says, "and Republicans are finally running ads to reflect that." Wedding-themed reality show homages and faux dating site commercials are totally the way to a woman's heart — or brains, as Republicans have discovered: "Science shows that this part right here is devoted to thinking about relationships," she says, pointing to most of her head, "and this small part here is bitchiness." Her response, when Stewart asked if the scientists were men, may be the best part of the segment. But Schaal's own GOP ad for men is pretty good, too — if you like her distinctive brand of humor. --Peter Weber