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Walking across the aisle

College Republicans' new pitch to young women: Voting for governor is like picking out your wedding dress

Picking a gubernatorial candidate to vote for is a lot like picking out a wedding dress — at least according to the College Republican National Committee.

A new series of web ads for the gubernatorial elections throughout the country called "Say Yes To The Candidate" (fashioned as a takeoff on the reality show Say Yes to the Dress) depict a young woman deciding which wedding dress to buy. In the videos, she gravitates to one supposedly designed by the Republican candidate, while her mother keeps interfering and trying to get her to choose the inferior and more expensive Democratic gown.

"The Rick Scott is perfect!" the woman says in the version made for the Florida race between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his Democratic opponent, ex-Republican Gov. Charlie Crist. "The Rick Scott is becoming a trusted brand. He has new ideas that don't break our budget."

Watch the Florida video below, or check out the other versions on the CRNC's YouTube channel for the gubernatorial campaigns in Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. --Eric Kleefeld