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New Jersey teacher captures incredible, terrifying photo of great white shark

Amanda Brewer and her GoPro camera were in exactly the right place at the right time.

Brewer, a 26-year-old elementary school art teacher in New Jersey, was volunteering in South Africa this summer with White Shark Africa, an animal conservation organization. She told Time that she took the photo, which shows a great white shark charging at two fish heads, "totally off the cuff" in the Mossel Bay waters.

And while Brewer is quick to admit she's not a professional photographer by any means, she emphasized her love of sharks. "I wasn't even a little bit frightened," Brewer told Time. "When you're there and you're in their presence, it's not scary. They're beautiful and graceful, and you can see how intelligent they are."

Now that she's back in the U.S., Brewer hung the photo in her New Jersey classroom to inspire animal conservation among her students. --Meghan DeMaria


I throw back everyday - today, my favorite #gopro shot from South Africa.

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