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The official cronut recipe is here

Dominique Ansel, of cronut fame, has released into the world the official recipe for his famed hybrid pastry. But after reading through the incredibly detailed recipe instructions that describe how to create the treat on your own time, you might decide waiting in the notoriously long line at Ansel's bakery instead is actually worth it.

Good Morning America, which first published the recipe, labeled it with "extreme" difficulty, and for good reason: In addition to taking a full three days to prepare about eight servings, the recipe also requires a lot of specialty cooking equipment, including various sizes of ring cutters and a deep-frying thermometer. You'll also need to really love butter — the recipe includes a section on creating your own "butter block" with no less than 18 tablespoons of butter, and that's in addition to the eight tablespoons of butter in the pastry dough.

Take a look at the full cronut recipe here — it might inspire you to just go ahead and wait in the line.