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David Lynch and Mark Frost tease fans with cryptic tweets hinting at possible Twin Peaks revival

With a pair of tweets, Twin Peaks co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have set the internet ablaze — and it may take an Agent Cooper-like level of deduction to unravel the full meaning behind their fan-baiting. Earlier today, David Lynch and Mark Frost simultaneously posted these tweets:

The quote is a direct reference to the show, but it could easily be interpreted as a hint toward some kind of Twin Peaks revival. So what could it be? A new movie? A TV reboot? A full continuation of the series? Or are they just messing with us?

Twin Peaks has been in the news a lot this year, with a recently released Blu-Ray set allowing fans to see 90 minutes of previously unreleased scenes that were cut from the film prequel, Fire Walk With Me. When asked if he'd be open to reviving the series earlier this summer, David Lynch was noncommittal: "Like I say, you never say never."