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Woman jailed for a month when police confuse SpaghettiOs with meth

Police in Georgia jailed a woman named Ashley Huff for a total of one month when they discovered a dirty spoon in her possession. It was during a routine traffic stop that cops noticed the spoon, which had SpaghettiO residue on it — residue the police officer claims tested positive for methamphetamine in a field kit.

Huff was arrested and jailed, though charges were eventually dropped when further testing revealed there was no evidence of meth on the dirty spoon. While in jail, Huff missed her child's birthday and lost her job.

The National Drug Policy Alliance reports that more than 1.6 million people are "arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated, placed under criminal justice supervision and/or deported each year for a drug law violation," a major contributing factor to the United States having the largest prison population in the world.