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White House intruder actually ran through several State Floor rooms before being tackled

The armed White House intruder who jumped the fence Sept. 19 actually made it much farther into the executive residence than had previously been reported, The Washington Post revealed. A Secret Service spokesman had previously claimed that Omar Jose Gonzalez, an Iraq war veteran, had been apprehended by guards just inside the front entrance of the White House.

The Post's new report indicates that rather than being subdued just after entering the White House, Gonzalez ran through much of the State Floor, cutting through the entry way and East Room before being tackled in the doorway of the Green Room. The Post credits "three people familiar with the incident" for the information.

Read more at The Washington Post. If you're not familiar with the layout of the White House, TalkingPointsMemo has this map showing just how far Gonzalez reportedly got:

The New York Times also has a helpful annotated map of Gonzalez's route.