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Northern Ireland is distributing 'scratch and sniff' cards to help find cannabis factories

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is issuing "scratch and sniff" cannabis cards to help citizens sniff out cannabis farms near their homes or workplaces. The initiative comes in the wake of a 44 percent increase in Northern Ireland's cannabis factories from 2013 to 2014.

The cards mimic the scent of cannabis in its "growing state," which The Guardian clarifies has a different aroma than that of cannabis being smoked.

To help the public recognize the cannabis factories, the PSNI has released instructions for the public on the smell cards. Among the signs of cannabis factories are "covered or blacked-out windows around a property," a "strong, sickly sweet smell," "constant lighting day and night," and an "excessive amount of cables." The PSNI found 130 cannabis factories last year and has already found 49 factories this year.

In addition to the cards, the PSNI also created a handy video for detecting cannabis farms. So even if you're not in Northern Ireland, perhaps the video below will provide some insight about what's really going on in that rundown house you've been wondering about. --Meghan DeMaria