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Lindsay Lohan forgot her lines during her stage debut

Lindsay Lohan's latest attempt at redemption is off to a rocky start. Lohan made her stage debut last night in David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow at London's Playhouse Theater, and her performance, according to Vulture, was far from spotless. While she "hit every cue" in the first act while her co-stars stumbled, things got rough in act two:

But the second act, dominated by a complicated speech by Karen [Lohan's character], was an undeniable mess. Lohan forgot a line, and then — less forgivably — broke character briefly to laugh when the line was whispered from the wings. By the end of her monologue she had been fed four lines, and a fifth prompt arrived before the act's close. It happened so frequently that it felt like the person calling out the script from behind the scenes had become another character in the play. [Vulture]

It wasn't just Lohan who forgot her lines, though — British actor Nigel Lindsay "was the only person in the three-actor play to get through the entire performance without an audible prompt, and even he seemed to struggle at times to remember what came next."

The show wasn't a total disaster, though: "There were moments, especially in the third act, when [Lohan] was comfortably in her element, and there were glimpses of that instinctive acting style she was once known for," Vulture reports. Even so, perhaps Lohan's presence was simply too distracting — it didn't help that her character was styled much like her:

There's no space for the actress to disappear into the role. The fourth wall just wouldn't stay in place. To be plausible as a real actress again she probably needs to find a way to hide herself. [Vulture]

Here's to hoping Lohan's next project allows her to do that.