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Emma Watson threatened by hackers after delivering feminist speech

This is what happens when you speak out about feminism.

After Emma Watson gave a speech about feminism at the United Nations, moving the audience to a standing ovation, internet hackers have threatened to leak her private, nude photos online "within days," according to The Independent. The threat comes just days after Watson, who is a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador, announced the U.N.'s "HeForShe" campaign, which will train men and boys to work together with women to achieve gender equality.

The hackers are threatening to post Watson's private photos to the website 4Chan, an internet forum where the private photos and videos of more than 100 celebrities were posted earlier this month. Watson spoke out against the initial hacking, calling the photos a violation of privacy.

It's not a coincidence that the new threats coincide with Watson's U.N. speech: Comments on Gawker, which have now been deleted, allegedly stated that the new leak is a response to Watson's advocacy for equality, according to The Independent. "She makes stupid feminist speeches at U.N., and now her nudes will be online," one of the comments reportedly said. The "Emma You Are Next" website also includes a photo of Watson wiping tears from her face. Slate's Amanda Marcotte sums it up perfectly:

The choice is a telling one, demonstrating that the point of releasing these photos — or threatening to — is not the pleasure of seeing someone naked. After all, there are millions of images of naked women who happen to be consenting available online. It's about getting those tears, the pleasure of hurting and humiliating a woman who offended you by being unobtainable, and by standing up for other women. [Slate]

Of course, there's no proof that these hackers have the photos in question or that they'll actually be posted. But it's unfortunate that when a celebrity attempts to use her fame to promote equal rights, the internet's response included threats instead of appreciation for Watson's brave words.