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Oh, Florida

Florida woman reportedly gets third breast surgically implanted

You've heard of the third nipple — but what about a third breast?

A Tampa massage therapist, who goes by Jasmine Tridevil, reportedly underwent surgery to get just that. Tridevil told Orlando radio station Real Radio 104.1 that she spent close to $20,000 on the procedure.

Tridevil told the station that she contacted more than 50 doctors before finding one who would give her the third breast. "It was really hard finding someone that would do it too because they're breaking the code of ethics," she said, adding that she allegedly signed a non-disclosure agreement, so she couldn't reveal what doctor had performed the surgery. Tridevil reports that the surgeon she found couldn't create a silicone areola, though, so she reportedly had one tattooed onto the alleged implant, which she says is made from silicone and skin tissue from her stomach.

While Tridevil says her dream is to star in an MTV reality show, she told the radio station she had the surgery to become "unattractive to men" in addition to gaining fame. "I don't want to date anymore," she said.

Tridevil also noted in the interview that her parents are displeased with the surgery — her mother no longer speaks to her, and her father "really isn't happy" but has "accepted it," she said.

Update [September 23, 2014]: TMZ has obtained a document from the Tampa International Airport Police Department detailing an incident of luggage theft, which led to a surprising revelation. "Someone stole a bunch of luggage off an American Airlines conveyor belt, including a black nylon roller bag," TMZ says, and the black bag apparently belonged to Tridevil. Apparently, inside the bag was a "3-breast prosthesis." Snopes had previously reported that Tridevil's story may have been too good to be true, since the only images of Tridevil's implant come from Tridevil herself. Snopes also discovered that the now-defunct domain name JasmineTridevil.com is registered to Tampa massage therapist Alisha Hessler. --Meghan DeMaria