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This is exactly what's in the new iPhone 6

What's so special about the new iPhone 6 that it's worth an extra $100 (at least) and another precious 0.2 square inches of pocket space? Ask the guys at iFixit.

As the latest entry in their "Teardown" series, the team at iFixit had their way with the iPhone 6 (and its big brother, the iPhone 6 Plus). Teardowns are meant to provide a glimpse at the hardware that powers our favorite gadgets, not to mention they can confirm whether or not what a manufacturer says is in its product actually is. Luckily, it looks like Apple was telling the truth about the iPhone 6's specs — check out some pictures of their dissection below:



The iFixit crew also rates each device on its repairability score, which is helpful since iPhones are notoriously difficult to open. This guy might want to take note, too.