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Bill Clinton on ISIS: 'We can't win a land war in Iraq — we proved that'

President Obama's plan to combat ISIS "has a chance to succeed," former President Bill Clinton said on Thursday night's Daily Show — and yes, he said ISIS, not ISIL — because it involves forcing Iraq's government to become more inclusive, bringing in the moderate Sunni tribal leaders necessary to defeat the Islamist militants. The U.S. has to bomb ISIS, to show they can't get away with beheading Americans, he added, "but we can't win a land war in Iraq — we proved that. But they can," he said, referring to the Iraqis, "and we can help them win it."

Clinton started out the segment with Jon Stewart asking him about the breakdown in world order. Clinton acknowledged that for better or worse, information technology has made power more diffuse. There are now three models prevalent in the word, he added: the "entrepreneurial nongovernmental model," which includes both the Gates Foundation and ISIS; the "authoritarian capitalism model" used in Russia and, in a different way, China; and the "democracy model," which only works if it's inclusive. For more of Clinton's actually pretty optimistic views on the state of the world, watch below. --Peter Weber