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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford diagnosed with malignant tumor

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with liposarcoma, a type of malignant tumor of the fatty tissues, his doctor announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

Doctors so far have an optimistic outlook. "We have experts sitting in house that treat, manage, and research on sarcoma," said Dr. Zane Cohen, who is overseeing Ford's care team at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Ford will be administered an initial program of chemotherapy, followed by an assessment of his progress. "It may require further cycles of chemotherapy," Cohen said. "There may or may not be radiation involved. There may or may not be surgery involved. It will all depend on the response to the initial treatment, and subsequent treatment as well."

The controversial mayor was hospitalized last Wednesday with an abdominal tumor after he had complained of serious pain. On Friday, Ford announced that he was dropping out of his bid for re-election as mayor of Toronto, but that he would nevertheless run for election to his old seat on the city council. His brother, Councilman Doug Ford, is now running for mayor in his place.