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Survey: 10 percent of Americans have smoked marijuana before work

Do any of your officemates seem just a bit too relaxed and mellow around the water cooler? Perhaps one of them engaged in some herbal refreshment before their morning commute: Mashable reports that nearly 10 percent of Americans admit to toking before tackling their work inbox, and 80 percent of that group did so with illegally obtained pot, according to a survey they conducted with SurveyMonkey.

Still, some perspective might be in order, as 28 percent of respondents also admitted to having been under the influence of prescription medication while at the office. As anyone who's popped a painkiller or two for a nagging injury might tell you, those pills don't exactly leave your brain clean and clear to tackle the latest stack of TPS reports.

Be sure to read Mashable's analysis of the survey's results, and browse their handy infographic below. --Mike Barry