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Poll: Americans in the South think Scotland should secede from Great Britain

Americans are evenly divided on whether Scotland should break away from Great Britain, according to a new YouGov/Economist poll. But one group would like to see Scotland secede: Americans from the South.

Among Southerners, 35 percent say Scotland should become an independent country, while 24 percent say it should stick with Great Britain. (A full 40 percent have no opinion.) Among Southerners who are following the impending referendum closely, however, the poll tilts slightly toward staying together: 37 percent say Scotland is better off with its southern neighbors, while 34 percent say it should pull a William Wallace.

That reflects a broader trend. Among Americans who are following the news closely, 42 percent say Scotland should remain with the union, while only 29 percent say Scotland should split.

For the record, a strong majority of Americans, including Southerners, oppose secession within their own country.