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Saudi man reportedly asks potential groom to give iPhone 6 as dowry

It appears that Apple fanboys will stop at nothing to get their hands on the new iPhone — even if that means asking for an iPhone 6 in lieu of a monetary dowry payment.

A Saudi man reportedly asked the prospective groom of his sister to "present the latest phone sensation as soon as it is available on the Saudi market" if he wants to proceed with the marriage. The iPhone would replace the woman's father's original request for a monetary dowry.

"We have heard about quite a few things, but an iPhone 6 that has not even hit the markets here is a bit bizarre," Saud Ahmad, a Bahraini office clerk, told The Gulf News. "We need to promote a culture where marriage should not be used by anyone to get gifts or make profits in any way. If I had been the groom, I would have confronted the brother."