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Britney Spears helps Jimmy Fallon list the pros and cons of dating Britney Spears

One of Jimmy Fallon's recurring Tonight Show segments is called Pros and Cons, and on Tuesday night the topic was "Dating Britney Spears." The singer, who recently broke up with her boyfriend after her father purchased a video of him making out with another woman, came on the show to help Fallon explore the costs and benefits of dating her. But first Fallon had an announcement: "Here at The Tonight Show, we're all about making love connections," he said, so with Spears' permission, he signed her up for the dating app Tinder.

The actual pros and cons of dating the pop star are pretty tame — that's one point in favor of appearing on the show, I suppose — but Fallon's writers get a few good digs in at their boss, and the joke about The Roots is pretty funny. If you want to try to hook up with Britney on Tinder, though, best hurry — I expect the account won't be active for too long. --Peter Weber