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Bill Maher has some advice for Hillary Clinton: 'Just go away'

Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Maher, campaign strategist. On Monday night's Late Show, David Letterman and his libertarian-leaning HBO talk show host guest discussed the 2016 election — Maher points out that we can't have no president — and specifically Hillary Clinton's undeclared campaign. They discussed her age — she and Letterman are about the same age — and whether that's a problem. Then Maher dropped some unsolicited advice.

"Go away for a while — just go away," he said. "We've seen a lot of this woman — we're kind of sick of her already. And the more she's out there, at this point, so early, the more we're gonna get sick of her." It wouldn't be a Bill Maher segment without some off-color jokes, and his next comments get the expected groan from the audience. It's not terrible advice, but Maher probably shouldn't expect a call from the (as-yet nonexistent) Clinton 2016 campaign. --Peter Weber