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Doctors remove 43.5 socks from dog's stomach

When an Oregon dog's owners rushed their pet to the animal hospital, they didn't think he was in pain because he'd eaten a good portion of their laundry.

The hospital found "a large quantity of foreign material" in the dog's stomach, according to The Associated Press. The "foreign material" turned out to be 43.5 socks lodged in the three-year-old Great Dane's stomach.

A spokesperson for Portland's DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, where the dog was treated, told The Oregonian that this may be "the strangest case in hospital history."

While the dog is apparently fine now, the DoveLewis doctors used its case to enter the "They Ate WHAT?" contest, sponsored by Veterinary Practice News. The DoveLewis vets and the dog only earned second place, though — the top winner was a frog who had eaten 30 ornamental rocks.