Speed Reads


Here's Jiff, the fastest dog on two paws

Meet Jiff. He enjoys shaking hands, riding a skateboard, bowing, and shattering world records.

The Pomeranian from Los Angeles is arguably the biggest star in the 60th anniversary edition of the Guinness World Records. Thanks to his prowess on two legs, he now holds two world records: Fastest 10 meters on hind legs, at 6.65 seconds; and fastest 5 meters on front paws, at 7.76 seconds. Jiff — who takes his racing seriously and practices daily — just had to clock in under 10 seconds to beat the previous records.

The attention he's been getting is nothing new. Jiff has starred in a Katy Perry video, and is an online sensation, with 232,000 Instagram followers, 1.3 million Facebook likes, and more than 500,000 YouTube views. Watch the video below to see Jiff in all of his glory. --Catherine Garcia