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Police: Man dies after eating methadone-laced underwear

Sometimes sharing is not caring: A jail inmate is now dead after ingesting a piece of liquid methadone–soaked underwear given to him by his cell mate.

Kentucky State Police say that 55-year-old Michael Jones left a Jessamine County jail on a furlough, and returned wearing drug-laced underwear. He then allegedly tore the underwear up, News 4 San Antonio reports, and gave out pieces to other inmates. One of those men, 33-year-old Corey McQueary, soon began to feel sick after sampling the goods, and notified staff. A doctor looked him over that night, but he was found dead the next morning.

Where there's a will, there's a way, and officials say it would be incredibly difficult to stop something like this from happening. "Contraband is a constant problem at any facility across the state," said Jessamine County Jailer Jon Sallee. "You can do everything that you can do, you know strip searches, not allowed to bring anything such as books or any other paraphernalia into the facility."

Jones is now being charged with the murder of McQueary.