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99 problems but a beer ain't one

Austin brewery unveils the world's first 99-pack of beer

Beer lovers: the bar has just been raised. To commemorate the release of its Anytime Ale, Austin Beerworks has created "the world's first and only" 99-pack of beer. Watch the video below to see the mammoth case in all its glory:

The 99-pack is so over-the-top that some questioned whether or not the whole thing was an elaborate joke — but Austin Beerworks has taken pains to confirm that the 99-pack is, indeed, something you can actually purchase. "LET'S BE CLEAR: IT'S REAL," reads the beer's official website. "Like, really real." Each 99-pack will cost $99.99.

Unfortunately, finding a 99-pack might be a little trickier. Austin Beerworks elaborated on the beer's limited availability on its official Facebook page. The 99-packs "will start going out on Thursday. We'll post when and as it happens," says the post. "There's only about 20 to go around this weekend, but we'll be making more because apparently y'all like to party."