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Numbers don't lie

Only 10 percent of blacks think police do a decent job treating all races equally

As the protests in Ferguson, Missouri — and the response to them across the country — laid bare, different racial demographics in the U.S. have strikingly different views of local law enforcement. And driving that point home, a Pew Research Center/USA Today survey released Tuesday found that a tiny 10 percent of African-Americans think police do either an "excellent" or "good" job of treating all racial and ethnic groups equally. In contrast, 21 percent said police do just a "fair" job on that front, while a whopping 70 percent said law enforcement do a "poor" job of it.

Meanwhile, the breakdown among white Americans: Excellent, 9 percent; Good, 29 percent; Fair, 33 percent; Poor, 25 percent.

And when it comes to the treatment of whites and blacks in particular, a robust 62 percent of African-Americans said they have "just some" or "little" confidence in police offering equal treatment. Among whites, that total was just 26 percent.