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No ice? No problem.

The Rubble Bucket Challenge: Gaza's answer to the ice bucket campaign

In an effort to raise awareness about the widespread chaos and destruction facing civilians in Gaza, a Palestinian journalist has launched his own take on the viral Ice Bucket Challenge campaign. Dubbed the Rubble Bucket Challenge — or, alternatively, the Remains Bucket or Dust Bucket Challenge on social media — the campaign uses the same premise but with, as the name suggests, the rubble from buildings destroyed by Israeli strikes.

"We do not have water, but this is what we have," Ayman al Aloul says in a video kicking off the campaign.

The campaign is not seeking material aid, but rather sympathy and solidarity for Palestinian civilians trapped in Gaza. As of early Monday afternoon, the campaign's Facebook page had almost 2,500 likes.

And lest you be tempted to complain the group co-opted a fundraising gimmick for its own cause, it's worth noting that the ALS challenge is itself a spin-off of other similar challenges, too.