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Jamaica is holding national hockey team tryouts in Canada

File this in the "so crazy, it just might work" folder.

Jamaica is holding hockey tryouts in Toronto this weekend for the country's first national squad. Graeme Townshend, the NHL's first Jamaican-born player and head coach of this venture, admits the team is likely eight to 20 years away from being competitive in the Olympics. After all, it's tough to put together winter sports programs when you live on a hot, sunny island. Still, he says recruiting a team that can train through the winter and then test its mettle in exhibition games next summer is the first step.

"If Jamaica can get a team in the world championships or the Olympics, that's a miracle," Townshend said. "You're looking at an inspiring story and the idea that anything is accomplishable if you put your mind to it."

And Disney's looking at another Cool Runnings-esque sports movie hit.