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You can now drink from a champagne glass modeled on Kate Moss' breasts

Though the myth that champagne glasses were modeled after Marie Antoinette's breasts has been debunked, there have been very real drinking vessels based on famous ladies' chests.

In 2008, Dom Perignon created, with the help of Karl Lagerfeld, a serving bowl inspired by model Claudia Schiffer's breasts. Now, Kate Moss wants in on the game — her breasts are the model for a new champagne glass at London's 34 restaurant.

The restaurant created the glass in celebration of Moss' 40th birthday. To ensure the glass was accurate, Jane McAdam Freud, a British artist, took a mold of Moss' breast — the left one, to be precise. The glass also features Moss' signature on the base.

Um, okay.