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Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on Ferguson: 'I'm sick of it'

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D), currently the only African-American state governor in the country, had some strong words to say Wednesday about the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

"I'm sick of it," said Patrick, when asked about it by the local Fox station in Boston.

I'm sick of unarmed black men being shot by police. I'm sick of the lawlessness on the streets. I think everybody's tired. When are we gonna get through with this kind of thing? I'm hopeful, with the Attorney General of the United States going out, that federal law enforcement will be fully engaged, and I hope bring to a decision quickly. But that's a really tough mission that he's set out on, and I know that from some experience. [Fox 25]

The station also asked Patrick how he would have handled the situation differently — to which he responded, they report, that he's glad he doesn't have to handle it. --Eric Kleefeld