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Casino missing nearly $21,000 after armored car drives off with forgotten bag on roof

Poor Revel.

The Atlantic City casino — just two years old — is closing after filing for bankruptcy twice last year. That's bad enough, but now the casino is out nearly $21,000, following a pretty major "oops" moment last month, when an armored car company made a cash pickup at Revel, but forgot one bag filled with money on the roof of the truck.

Surveillance videos show the bag managed to stay in its place atop the rear driver's side roof on a six-minute journey from Revel to another pickup at Resorts Atlantic City. But after that, the bag — and the money — apparently disappeared, reports The Press of Atlantic City. The company, GardaWorld, says it is cooperating in an investigation that has been launched by the authorities.

So next time you leave your coffee on the roof of your car, just remember: It could be much, much worse.