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University of Alabama sorority rush experiences new racism scandal

In 2002, a New Republic article about a black University of Alabama student who experienced racism during sorority rush sparked national uproar. Then, last fall, sorority members spoke out about racism at the university's sororities. Now, a new scandal at the university suggests its Greek life still has a long way to go with race relations.

A Snapchat photo allegedly from a sorority member that contains a racial slur has gained national attention, despite the fact that 21 black women accepted bids from University of Alabama sororities. The photo was reportedly sent by a sorority member and allegedly celebrated the fact that there were no African-American members of the university's Chi Omega chapter.

Though the photo may be a hoax, the university warranted it important enough to issue an official statement. University of Alabama President Judy Bonner said the school was "extremely disappointed" with the photo and its caption, and the image does not "represent the values or meet the expectations" of the university.

Chi Omega's national leadership issued a statement as well, saying that the student who took the photo "is no longer a member of the chapter." The statement also said the University of Alabama's Chi Omega chapter pledged two African-American women this year.