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'Electronic makeup' could change the beauty industry

A new project uses face mapping to apply digital makeup, and the results are simultaneously fascinating and terrifying.

Nobumichi Asai, a Tokyo-based projection artist who is leading the digital endeavor, has previously used projection mapping to apply CGI to cars and buildings. After applying CGI to static items, he decided his next project would place images directly onto a model's face.

Asai created the so-called "electronic makeup" project with Omote, which uses face tracking in real time to project makeup onto the model. Slash Gear reports that the technology first scans the model's face for mapping and then projects the graphics onto the model, even during movement.

While the project is still in the early stages — it's unclear from the video how much movement is possible — it could change the way we test makeup colors and styles, in addition to enhancing films and theater performances. Check out the electronic makeup in the test video below. --Meghan DeMaria