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World's most-pierced man refused entry into Dubai

Rolf Buchholz holds the Guinness World Record for most piercings, but that doesn't help his international travel plans.

Buchholz, 55, told The Associated Press that he was en route to the United Arab Emirates to appear at a circus-themed nightclub, Cirque le Soir, but was turned back at Dubai's airport. Though he "never got an official answer" as to why he was denied entry to Dubai, airport staff members "were concerned he could be a practitioner of black magic," he told AP. (The nightclub, for its part, issued a statement saying he was held back for "security reasons.") He also says he was ordered never to go back to Dubai.

Buchholz has 453 piercings in total, with more than 100 on his face and at least 278 near his genitalia.