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Farm turns corn maze into a tribute to Derek Jeter

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. They also get their faces carved into five-acre corn mazes in New Jersey.

The VonThun Farm in South Brunswick decided to honor retiring New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter with an homage in its maize maze. In addition to a giant rendering of Jeter's visage, there's a message that reads "Thanks Captain Clutch" and a baseball with his No. 2.

"This was just something totally different," Cindy VonThun, whose husband's family owns the farm, told The Associated Press. "To walk out in the field and to be on a path and to say, 'I'm in Derek Jeter's chin,' it's pretty cool."

The idea didn't come from the VonThun family, but rather the company they contract with to create the mazes. "[They said] 'You're in the middle of Jeter Country, why wouldn't you be doing a tribute to this man, he's wonderful,'" VonThun said. "We thought about it and thought, why not."

For those who would like to take a walk up Jeter's nose, the maze will be open Sept. 20 through Halloween.