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Bacardi's new collection includes a $250 rum

Bacardi, the world's leading rum, has outdone itself with its new Facundo rum collection, which includes a bottle that retails for no less than $250.

The brand wants the collection to appeal to a higher-end audience who's accustomed to drinking fancy liquors on the rocks (Facundo, it seems, is meant to be enjoyed on ice rather than mixed with Coke). The name comes from Facundo Bacardi, the brand's founder.

Though the line may seem arbitrary, The Wall Street Journal notes that it's probably a smart move: Super-premium rum sales increased by 5.4 percent in 2013, while value-priced rum sales decreased by 2.8 percent last year.

Saturday also happens to be National Rum Day — so if you've got an extra few hundred burning a hole in your pocket, this might be the perfect way to toast the end of summer.