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Giant Lenin head reported missing in Berlin

Giant Lenin head reported missing in Berlin

Local authorities report that a large statue of Lenin's head in Berlin is "lost in a local forest."

The Berliner Zeitung reported Friday that the head, which weighs nearly 8,000 pounds and is made of red granite from Ukraine, was lost. The head was scheduled to be one of the main attractions in a monumental exhibition next year.

The exhibit, "Unveiled: Berlin and its Monuments," will feature 100 pieces, including artifacts dating from "the era Kaiser's Empire, the Weimar Republic, the National Socialist period and the former East Germany," reports Germany's The Local.

The head was reportedly last seen in Berlin's Kopenick Forest, along with other pieces of the original statue, which stood more than 62 feet tall. Germany's government is not willing to fund a search for the missing head.

"I am bitterly disappointed that we are only now hearing about this decision and that this central object cannot be displayed in the exhibition," Andrea Theissen, head of the Spandau's art office, told The Berliner Zeitung. --Meghan DeMaria