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Oxford Dictionaries adds 'side boob,' 'YOLO' to its repertoire

Next time someone criticizes you for using colloquial English, you can remind them that your turn of phrase is officially in the dictionary.

Oxford Dictionaries, which is separate from the Oxford English Dictionary but still an Oxford branch, added a slew of new words Wednesday that are sure to delight millennials. Oxford Dictionaries provides an online database that "collects modern uses of words," Time reports, and those uses now include abbreviations like YOLO.

Among the words added are "side boob," whose definition is pretty self-explanatory, and "clickbait," a.k.a. "content whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page." The worst offender on the list, though, may be "doncha," a contraction for "don't you."

For more of the new words, click over to Time.