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Mmm, bacon

Behold: A bacon-powered motorcycle

If you were wondering when someone would find a use for leftover bacon grease, you're in luck. Hormel Foods has created a motorcycle that's powered entirely by bacon grease biodiesel.

Scott Schraufnagel, an employee at BBDO Minneapolis, the ad agency that thought of the bacon motorcycle idea, told Minnesota's ABC 6 News that the ratio of bacon pounds to gallons of bacon-produced biodisel is roughly one-to-one. Hormel's motorcycle averages between 75 and 100 miles per gallon. Schraufnagel also noted that the motorcycle "has no hazardous waste materials."

The bike will appear in a documentary, Driven by Bacon, which will be shown at the International Bacon Film Festival — yes, that's a real thing — in San Diego later this month. The film will chronicle a cross-country trip from Austin, Minnesota to San Diego. The bike will then return to Minnesota, where it will be displayed in the SPAM Museum.