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Get McDonald's delivered to your door

In Australia.

I know, bummer, Duluth, Minnesota man.

But now, the lucky people in New South Wales don't even have to get dressed to answer the relentless call of the Big Mac craving. The McDonald's Australia program is called McDelivery and will expand into at least two more states later this month.

But those hungry Ozzies will have to order quite a few Big Macs, and maybe some French fries and McNuggets, too, to fulfill the minimum $25 AUD ($23.20 USD) charge. There's also that pesky $5 AUD delivery charge. Oh, and if they get a lunch-time Grand Angus hankering, they'll be out of luck. The delivery option is currently available only between 6 and 9 p.m.

Alternatively, they could just travel to New York City, China, or the dozen other countries that McDonald's already delivers within.