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you're gonna need a bigger boat

This what a hunting great white sharks looks like

With Discovery Channel's famed Shark Week starting up this Sunday, it's once again time to unabashedly indulge in some shark voyeurism. Enter researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, who deployed a torpedo-shaped robot equipped with six GoPro cameras into the waters off the west coast of Mexico.

The robot, called REMUS-100, was jam-packed with high-tech equipment for shark observation, including a navigation system, acoustic sensors, and Wi-fi. Programmed to hone in on signals from transponders that were already attached to sharks, REMUS-100 captured some of the first-ever images of sharks in the wild thanks to the 360-degree view provided by the cameras. The team got more than they bargained for, however, when the "hunter soon became the hunted." Check out the video below:

As the researcher says, they probably lost their deposit on REMUS-100 — but at least they got some great footage in the process.