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of human bondage

Sorry, that Fifty Shades of Grey-themed hotel won't be opening after all

The film adaptation of mommy-porn staple Fifty Shades of Grey won't hit theaters until next year, but fans who wanted a more hands-on experience were slated to have another option: a new hotel in Vilafranca, Spain, which was originally set to open this week.

The Roissy Castle, a Fifty Shades-inspired hotel, would have had "20 rooms and four dungeons where guests can take part in BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, sadism, and masochism) activities," says The Hollywood Reporter.

Alas, Fifty Shades of Grey fans will need to get their kicks elsewhere for now. Vilafranca's town council has successfully blocked the hotel's opening, arguing that the owner doesn't have the proper license to run a restaurant and hotel, and that the location is too close to a local chapel.

In retaliation, the hotel's owner says that he plans to sue the town hall, so eager Fifty Shades of Grey fans shouldn't consider themselves whipped just yet.