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Don't drink the water

Toledo officials warn residents not to drink toxin-filled water

In a scene reminiscent of Black Friday, residents of Toledo — Ohio's fourth-largest city — swarmed shelves for bottled water today, following a warning not to drink the tap water.

Officials said toxins, possibly a result of algae in Lake Erie, have contaminated the city's water, and that they are not yet sure how long the warning will last. The advisory affects more than 400,000 Toledo residents, along with most of the city's suburbs and even a few areas of southeastern Michigan. Drinking the water, or even using it to shower or brush teeth could kill pets and sicken humans, reports The Associated Press.

Governor John Kasich issued the emergency order just after midnight, so the state has had nearly a full day so far to bring water into the Toledo area. Ohio officials are also asking grocery chains to send as much bottled water as possible to their stores in the region.