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Rick Perry: The U.S. should 'stand with Israel'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) wrote a column for Politico today about why the U.S. should ally itself with Israel in the Hamas conflict.

Perry writes that he can't imagine "the terror that the people of Israel must live with every day," thanks to potential bombs and Hamas tunnels. Perry also defends Israel's actions against Hamas:

Thousands of miles away, it might be convenient to criticize Israel for having the temerity to defend itself against these murderous terrorist attacks... Anyone tempted to suggest Israel has used a disproportionate amount of force to defend itself needs to remember the origins of this latest round of violence. It's Hamas that continued to launch rockets, despite Israel's willingness to discuss and abide by multiple cease-fires. It's Hamas that uses Palestinians as human shields to protect its leaders and its arsenals, and to preserve its extensive system of tunnels. And it's Hamas that would, if given the opportunity, take the life of every Israeli within range of its thousands of rockets. [Politico]

Perry also describes his personal trips to Israel, where he saw families terrified for their children's safety as well as the aftermath of missile strikes. He contends that Israel needs the "vigorous support" of the United States, saying the U.S. should demand "the total removal of every missile in Gaza" and the destruction of all Hamas tunnels. Read Perry's full article over at Politico.