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Turtle power

Watch tiny sea turtles make their way from the nest to the ocean

Under the glow of the moon, 100 loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings made their way from a Florida Keys beach to the ocean on Friday night, and it was all caught on tape.

A camera, funded by the Florida Keys tourism council, has been set up so people around the world can live stream the journey and learn more about sea turtles. As The Associated Press reports, loggerheads are among the five threatened or endangered species of sea turtle that make their nests on beaches in the Keys and elsewhere in Florida.

To ensure that the tiny hatchlings — each one is only about three inches long — make their way to the ocean, the camera uses infrared light; that way, the sea turtles are not drawn to artificial light and away from where they need to go. Watch the clip below to see the turtles as they make the start of their journey. --Catherine Garcia