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Unhappy Meal

Russia's latest target is McDonald's Filet-o-Fish sandwich

You might think that the calorie count on fast-food sandwiches would be the least of Russia's concerns right now.

You would be wrong.

Rospotrebnadzor, Russia's federal consumer protection agency, says it is suing U.S.-based McDonald's over what the agency claims are substandard products, reports The Washington Post.

How much is at stake? Russia claims the restaurants committed 11 violations, carrying a fine of about $2,000 total. Rospotrebnadzor filed a report on its website earlier this week that takes aim specifically at the Filet-o-Fish sandwich, Royale Burger, chicken burger, and cheeseburger. The report says those products were found to have "two to three times" the calorie content reported by McDonald's. It also said the Caesar Roll and Vegetable Salad items carried dangerous bacteria, including traces of E. Coli (which really is just another reason you shouldn't eat salad from a fast-food restaurant).

McDonald's responded that Rospotrebnadzor has yet to approach the company directly with the allegations, and that the "quality and safety of the products that we provide to our customers" is a top company priority.