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Watch the gory new trailer for The Walking Dead season 5

Watch the gory new trailer for The Walking Dead season 5

Fresh out of Comic-Con, AMC's The Walking Dead has given fans a taste of the zombie drama's upcoming season. After ending its fourth season on a cliffhanger, The Walking Dead is picking up right where it left off, as our heroes struggle to survive in the hornets' nest they've stumbled upon.

The new trailer reveals that the survivors will take to the road again, heading toward Washington, D.C. in an effort to track down a cure for zombie plague — and though our heroes are forced to fight alongside some new faces, they're less than enthusiastic about it. "These people are my family, and if you hurt them in any way I will kill you," says series protagonist Rick (Andrew Lincoln).

Of course, this is The Walking Dead, so there's no shortage of the series' trademark ultra-violence, including some particularly nasty waterlogged zombies. Let's just hope the fifth season's story lands with as much impact as the gore.

The Walking Dead's fifth season will premiere on AMC on October 12. --Scott Meslow