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Murder suspect complains of tiny towels, expensive shaving cream in jail

If Adam Landerman had access to Yelp, he'd probably give the Will County Adult Detention Facility in Joliet, Illinois zero stars.

A murder suspect, 21-year-old Landerman filed a 15-count complaint last week asking a Will County judge to take a look at things he didn't like at the jail, the Chicago Tribune reports. To start, the towels are way too small, and there aren't enough diverse offerings on the menu. It doesn't really matter what's on the menu, though, since Landerman further complains that breakfast isn't available after 6:30 a.m. and lunch is served way too early. Also? The jail's temperature is not properly controlled, barber services are unavailable, and if you want to shave in your cell you better be rich because shaving cream isn't provided and is super expensive to buy in the commissary.

Will County Sheriff's Deputy Ken Kaupas isn't sure why Landerman is expecting luxurious amenities. "We're not a hotel; we're a jail," he told the Tribune. "We treat all of our in-custodies in a fair way."

Landerman is one of four people charged with killing Terrance Rankins, 22, and Eric Glover, 22, at a Joliet home in 2013. Authorities say Rankins and Glover were lured to a house where they were allegedly robbed and strangled, and after the men were killed, three of the defendants held a party at the home while the bodies were still inside.