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Scott Brown refers to the 'Massachusetts delegation' while running for Senate in New Hampshire

Former Sen. Scott Brown (R) just had a peculiar campaign gaffe. During an interview on Boston Herald Radio, Brown was apparently momentarily confused as to whether he's running in New Hampshire, where he is challenging Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, or in his former home state of Massachusetts, where he lost his bid for re-election in 2012. And just to be extra amusing, the slip-up occurred during a discussion about... immigration.

"That's a big difference between Sen. Shaheen and me, and many other people in the Massachusetts delegation [sic] that — and Sen. Shaheen in particular and the president," said Brown, during the interview, conducted on Tuesday. "I'm not for amnesty, and never have been."

The Hill points out that Brown continued with the interview, "not giving any sign that he noticed his mistake."

Below is an audio excerpt of Brown's radio interview, posted by the New Hampshire Democratic Party, containing the full question that Brown was asked and his full answer. The "Massachusetts delegation" gaffe occurs at just after the 1:30 mark. --Eric Kleefeld