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KKK hands out candy in South Carolina

Residents of northwestern South Carolina were alarmed to find bags of candy inviting them to join the Ku Klux Klan in their neighborhood, The Associated Press reports.

The candy bags, found on the streets of Oconee County, had papers attached to them reading "Save our land, join the Klan." Below the message was a "Klan hotline" phone number, which led to a prerecorded message about stopping illegal immigration and promoting "white power."

Robert Jones, who identifies himself as the Imperial Klaiff of the Loyal White Knights, told local news outlet WHNS-TV that the candy bags were a part of the Klan's recruiting efforts, which are held three times a year. Jones also said that illegal immigration is his chapter's primary focus. His chapter is planning a North Carolina protest against illegal immigration, which will include a cross burning, on August 9.

Fox Carolina reports that South Carolina residents were alarmed and frightened to learn of the Klan's local activity. Jones told Fox Carolina that the Klan is "not a hate group, but a civil rights organization following the Bible."