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Net neutrality

This needlessly risqué video makes a pretty good case for net neutrality

Not surprisingly, the internet is one of the biggest tools for proponents of net neutrality, the idea that all internet content should be available to all internet users without favoritism. In June, John Oliver made a compelling case for net neutrality's importance — and his call to contact the Federal Communications Commission, arbiter of net neutrality in the U.S., crashed the FCC's website.

Adam Conover and Emily Axford at College Humor decided to try a similar tactic, with this slightly NSFW video call to arms. There is pixelated-out nudity and some mildly salty language, but Adam and Emily's video differs from Oliver's in other ways, such as directing users to a website run by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, not the FCC. If you care about the issue and don't want to get on the EFF's mailing list, you can still visit FCC.gov/comments (Proceeding 14-28) and leave a comment there. The public comment period ends July 18. --Peter Weber